Born 01.03.1987 in POLAND. A graduate of the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw in the field of graphic design, she obtained a master’s degree in art. Twice she won the artistic scholarship of Piaseczno Town and Commune. Since 2010, a member of the Union of Polish Visual Artists. On account of over 50 collective national and international exhibitions (including: China, Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Germany), as well as several individual exhibitions (including: Frederikshavn Kunstmuseum, Denmark; Exlibris Gallery in Cracow, Poland ; Warsaw Gallery of Exlibris; „Book illustrations and bookplates” Poviat Starosty Piaseczno). Professionally, she also works as a graphic freelancer, her passion is digital, children’s and fantasy illustrations.

For several years, she has been working with children and adults, leading classes in her own Artstudio in drawing, painting and computer graphics. She deals with oil painting, acrylic painting, wall art as well as artistic photo editing. In her free time, she continues her artistic activities by creating ex libris with digital techniques. In her paintings she tries to capture the complex nature of women: weakness and vulnerability, passion, arousing desire and jealousy, tenderness and caring. In addition, she is interested in the subject of space and animals. Last months in love with round canvas.

Be calm

Dhs. 9,000.00

New cycle

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Mirror of soul

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Dhs. 10,000.00
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