Alyanna Mendoza - Is a Mixed Media artist. Her idea was inspired by wall Patina that creates a look of aging, distressed and faded walls. Layers upon layers upon layers with lots of textures, marks and elements in order to create a gorgeous patina. She adds minimal amount of playful colors for some surprise and depths to the canvas.

Abandoned letters

Dhs. 7,000.00

Pale blue

Dhs. 5,500.00
Dhs. 7,000.00

Into the blues

Dhs. 7,000.00

Spot the orange

Dhs. 10,500.00

Series # 2

Dhs. 3,900.00

Abstract series 01

Dhs. 6,900.00


Dhs. 8,700.00

Mid Century

Dhs. 8,700.00


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