Birth: 1969

‏Work as a technical education teacher
‏Most youth sponsorship fairs
Culture and Arts Society Exhibition
‏Gallery of Art Education Institute
‏The Palestinian issue exhibition
‏Exhibition of Culture and Arts Association in Dammam
‏All art education exhibitions in Rass

‏The first collective charitable plastic art exhibition for the artists of the Qassim region, for the International Islamic Relief Organization
‏The three artists exhibition at the King Khalid Cultural Center in his mail
‏Member of the Friends of the Feather Group
‏And many exhibitions have received prizes, shields, and material prizes. There are holdings in government departments, plastic artists and businessmen.
‏International exhibitions responsible for the academy with a shadow exhibition, Arab visions exhibition, Arab forum exhibition, Ishtar gallery.


Dhs. 157,000.00

Dubai Towers

Dhs. 17,000.00
Dhs. 9,500.00


Dhs. 12,900.00
Dhs. 13,400.00


Dhs. 9,900.00

Fish stripping

Dhs. 10,200.00

The camel

Dhs. 39,300.00

The South

Dhs. 11,900.00

The mountain girl

Dhs. 35,000.00
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