Born in Belfast 1966. Educated in the mind numbing Jesuit system after moving to Bangor in 1970, through the usual routes of public schools until he was able to escape in 1982.
Yes, Gary left the clone factory as soon as he possibly could and entered the disturbing world of human slavery, chasing the golden carrot, believing it would lead to greater and better things, so long as he respected a good work ethic and kept his nose clean and stayed out of trouble.
Fortunately for Gary he realised the lies early and by the age of 24 had decided that the dog eat dog life of ambition and fortune was not for him. From that moment on he quested the truth while gently enjoying his passion for painting, quietly in the background and under the radar of the established bureaucracy and useful tools.
Gary has enjoyed years of freedom and experienced the creative fulfillment of art on so many avenues and levels, that it would take a government enquiry, 10 years and at least £150 million in tax payers money to list them all.
Now 53 years on this earth and still enjoying his passion to paint, Gary can only hope, his paintings bring pleasure and awakening to all his brothers and sisters in our beautiful human family.


Dhs. 78,000.00

Papa fun

Dhs. 259,000.00

Captain Fun

Dhs. 259,000.00

Jj Jonesy

Dhs. 27,000.00
Dhs. 51,000.00


Dhs. 259,000.00


Dhs. 51,000.00
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