Born in Tamil Nadu, India to the first generation educated couple. Her father is a retired government banker and mother a homemaker.
Right from childhood, fascinated by colors and 3D drawings she always wanted to become an Artist. However, she ended up becoming an Engineering Graduate specializing in Computer Science and after completing her master’s degree, she joined a private bank.

Ever since then, she never turned back.

The fact of not getting a formal education in Art, never held her back. Due to her continuous practice and sheer determination, she has become a self-made artist by all her own efforts.

Renowned Artists has curated most of her art works and she is a Life Time Member of The Art Society of India, Mumbai.

For her, Art is not just a pass time or a commission work but Art is a Vision, which speaks to the spectator and spreads a particular message it holds for them.
Dhs. 2,200.00
Dhs. 2,500.00
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