am artist Julia Tokar from Austria. I came to Austria from Ukraine in 2015. Austrian culture has greatly influenced me as an artist. I get inspiration every day. I am constantly learning, looking for new styles, using the experience of old masters, I am on the way to discovering my own style in painting. I often take part in various exhibitions, I am also a member of many international galleries.
 "Painting for me is not only self-expression, but complete immersion in another world, a world of colors and mysteries. Painting is a world in which you can be yourself, you can fly here, you can dream, you can lie at the bottom of the sea, you can be silent, you can be silent loudly, you can work miracles here. My path to perfection is endless, the search for truth is my incentive! And the truth is so deep." Welcome to my world!

Looking glass

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I am near

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Remember me

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