"Patrick Gourgouillat [p.g.] is a French painter born in 1965.

His process begins with careful planning of visual elements extracted from memories, thoughts and feelings. He then transforms this collection of emotions to transport it in a sometimes dreamlike, sometimes naïve, sometimes irreverent but always poetic way on paper or canvas. Rather than talking about inspiration, he willingly opts for a form of fermentation... Patrick Gourgouillat's works are full of curious characters, colour combinations and scenes reflecting the complexities of the human spirit.
He works on several series that are very different from each other ("Animals", "Viva La Vida", "Human Behavior"...). This is for him a necessary energy in his artistic process, in particular and in his life in general.
Patrick Gourgouillat lived for a long time in Berlin, Prague and Paris. He currently lives in Saint-Etienne, his native town. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Avignon (silkscreen printing) and then joined the studio of the artist Gabrielle Sagassser in Berlin where he worked on nude and perspective."

The Castle

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End of the circus

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Cat and the game

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