I am a self taught Pune based artist, wall artist and an art educator. I believe art is a process of self-discovery.I had my first solo art exhibition when I was in Grade IX. I left her career in Chartered Accountancy to pursue art as a full time profession. I have had art shows in India at Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Pune & abroad at London, Manila among other places . I have had 11 solo shows ( in India and abroad) and 8 group shows ( in India and abroad ) and my art buyers are spread globally across the world. I love working with children & have formed TAW, The Art Workshop where I guide kids to become free-spirited artists and also hold exhibitions of their works annually. I aim at opening a world class Institute for Art where I also want to provide free art education to under-privileged children. I am also a Director of TAW Designs Private Limited, a company formed along with my husband Ar. Sharuti Ranjan, a leading architect in Pune. Along with dealing in art, art consultancy, murals, wall art, art events & art education, TAW also deals in Project management consultancy, interiors, landscape, eco-friendly buildings, self-sustainability.I have done many projects - the Pune Circuit house has 35 of my artworks on permanent display , the Kanpur Army Cantonment has some of my artworks at their officers mess ,mural paintings on the walls of lift lobbies of residential complexes in Pune .
I want to inspire people to watch with wonder the world around us, believe in fairy tales and revisit their childhood.
One of my prominent and latest works is the 3D Art Kingdom that I have recently created at Phoenix Marketcity Pune which is a magic dreamworld of Unicorn & Mermaid, Phoenix & Fairies, Old wizard & Pixies .It took me two & a half months of hard work, loads and loads of paints, patience and vision to create this magic “3D Art Kingdom” of around 2700 S.Ft. of area. I have made a world of enchantment through these 3D dynamic murals at Phoenix Mall where I invite everyone to be a part of this interactive art and experience the magic.

The pink moon

Dhs. 7,300.00
Dhs. 7,600.00
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