SenaTues is a product of Ghanatta College of Art and Design. He is amongst the few Ghanaian artists who present Modern
Contemporary Art, he paints diversity of a flawless style of classic.. His own reality, its beyond melodies beyond words... Painting something that defies the love of the land is good.
Africa "I learned to play the instruments of love through colors, I always say, a photograph shouldn't be just a picture, it should be a philosophy.
Believe what you see- That the truth, the truth is in the art work, when you see it, you find another word to it.. And don't pay attention to what another person says..
Think, is higher or low in the middle expensive offensive.. Just find something you like..Art shouldn't always be what I read to understand it... Art can talk it story without Narrative with a distinct perspectives.. Just find something you like. SenaTues is interested in depicting compelling figurative portrait paintings from different generations.
His point of facial expressions which is where our emotions are best portrayed, I also believes it helps better to visualize ones experience and feelings; it's an exchange of information with or without narratives.. My paintings help create an intriguing dialogue between the subject’s message and the viewer....
In 2019 I was selected as one of the few artists in Ghana to compete an Art work (Painting)at first International Virtual, Part of 3D Sensorial Art Expo at University of Puerto Rico, Carolina Campus. The expo exhibition took place in September 6-2019.

The God in me, Sage

Dhs. 11,500.00


Dhs. 6,500.00


Dhs. 4,500.00

Soul stirring

Dhs. 4,600.00

Lacy 2

Dhs. 3,500.00


Dhs. 3,500.00

Black Eve

Dhs. 4,000.00
Dhs. 6,000.00
Dhs. 4,700.00


Dhs. 4,000.00

The God in Me

Dhs. 4,500.00
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