Artist biography: Zahra Soliman pen name (Z.A Soliman) is a 27-year-old Egyptian graduate from dental school in UAE. She believes that a person can be more than one title. They can be a dentist, writer, artist, musician and even a professor. And to convince people of this, she decided to prove it to herself first. once she sets a goal, she achieves it and won’t be satisfied until her work, life and plans meet her dream life. She published her first book “divine decree” in August 2020, and started art since November 2018. She is a Dentist, Writer and artist.

Dubai from above

Dhs. 850.00

Blue wave (2 sets)

Dhs. 750.00

Artwork 3

Dhs. 700.00


Dhs. 650.00

Deep water

Dhs. 950.00
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